Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the booking procedure and do you require a deposit?
When you or your group is ready to book, a simple phone call or email is all it takes. We will send you a booking request form and reservation agreement that must be filled out and returned. The booking request will ask for you to fill out pertinent information regarding tee times, arrival/departure times and dinner reservations. We require a $100 per player deposit at the time of booking and remaining balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.
Do you provide airfare and/or car rental information/reservations?
We do not provide reservations for airfare.  We can offer car rental reservations in our packages through our partner, Enterprise, in Tucson and Phoenix/ Scottsdale.
Are there other activities to do in AZ for the non-golfer?
Absolutely! Many great hiking trails for all levels paved and non-paved, biking, Spring Training Baseball (games for the Diamondbacks, Rockies and White Sox), shopping, the 2 top-rated spas in the Nation (Miraval and Canyon Ranch), Sonoran Desert Museum (highly recommend), Botanical Gardens, Taliesin by Frank Lloyd Wright in Scottsdale, fantastic art galleries, jeep tours and hot air balloon rides, etc, etc, etc. Or, just laying by the pool all day with a great book works for most...
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
Can our group pay individually?
We have recently updated our payment service to include an emailed payment link where we can set up all of the deposits and balances due and email to the group leader to forward on to the members of the group.  With this link, the individual can pay online on his/her own.
What are the cancellation policies?
Cancellation of the entire group must be made 31 days in advance to receive a refund minus cancellation fee of $35.00 per player. If you cancel within the stated time frame you will receive a full refund minus the cancellation fee above. Cancellations within 31-08 days will receive credit toward a future visit with Tucson Golf Vacations, LLC (must be used within 1 year). Cancellations within 7 days will not receive a refund.
How far in advance do you make the tee times?
We make the tee times anywhere from 60-90 days in advance according to your request and right away for groups of 20 or more.
What kind of info/package do we receive prior to arrival?
Approximately 10-14 days prior to your arrival we will send the group leader an US Priority Mail (if within the Continental US) package containing all your golf vouchers, directions, map and check-in procedures. If you are coming from outside the US, we will send your package via Fed Ex.
What is the dress code policy for the golf courses?
Every golf course you play in Tucson or Scottsdale requires one to wear a shirt with collar or the new mock style also permitted on the PGA Tour. Slacks or shorts are permitted. Items that are prohibited include halter tops, bathing suits, any blue jeans or denim, t-shirts and sweat pants. Soft spikes are now par for the course everywhere.  Cargo shorts are not allowed at a lot of clubs so stick with your traditional conservative khakis if unsure.
How do we make changes to our tee times or dinner reservations when in town or within the cancellation policy? Do we just call the course directly?
Always call us directly for any last minute changes.
How much golf can I play?
This is your custom vacation. You can play as much or as little golf as you want. We have great 36 hole day packages with lunch when you stay at the same course for 2 rounds in the same day. During the summer, you can play more than 36 in a day with the days being longer. We do not have 9 hole or twilight/afternoon rates. We recommend calling the course directly. Most courses will not offer a 9 hole rate and afternoon rates are usually booked within approximately 7 days.
What is your rain check policy?
If the golf course determines that it is an unplayable rain, you would need to call us to cancel your round and then we would be able to refund you for the lost round or re-schedule. If the rain is not significant, the course may not allow a cancellation. Although in Arizona, we don't witness too much rain and when it does rain, it's usually acceptable to cancel...
Do you book packages for a single player only?
Absolutely... no matter what your group size (1-500) we are able to arrange the perfect package for you!

What is overseeding and will that affect our trip?

"Overseeding" --- Re-seeding

Overseeding is the laying of grass seed on top of existing grasses to promote new growth or to replace the existing grass with a new strain for a season. Golf courses that have a Bermuda grass base, which goes dormant in winter, will over seed as the temperatures begin to decrease and the Bermuda grass begins to turn brown or go dormant. Usually around the end of September and early to mid October, a Bermuda grass course will put down ryegrass seed on top of the Bermuda grass. The ryegrass grows in and looks lush as it thrives in the colder weather conditions. In spring, the ryegrass will die and the Bermuda grass will take over as the temperatures increase. The playing surface for the summer will be back to the Bermuda base.

What this means to a golfer:

Here in Arizona, most golf courses will take approximately one month to "overseed" their course(s). The courses will be closed for 2 weeks during this process. The time frame is generally in the mid to late September and early to mid October months. A golf course will prep for the overseeding period about 1 week prior to closing by "scalping" the Bermuda grass to encourage dormancy. You can still play during this period but you will find your lies thinner and the course very fast. Your drives will be huge because the golf course will also turn the water off during this week to keep the Bermuda grass from growing. After the 2 week period of watching the grass grow and come in beautifully, the golf course reopens and blocks times on the tee sheet for the next week for watering and reseeding thin areas. Golf courses will usually be cart path only for the next month because you will find the courses a bit saturated to keep the seed growing and to keep the golf carts off the new seed.

What is aeration?

"Aeration" --- Punching the Greens

Aerification is the mechanical removal of soil cores. Aerification relieves soil compaction, improving water and air movement into the soil, increasing rooting, and greatly improving turf grass health. Additionally, aerification will also reduce thatch. Aerification is most beneficial in compacted areas such as sport fields, heavily trafficked areas next to sidewalks, and areas with intense foot traffic like golf course greens.

What this means to a golfer:

The greens will be punctured full of tiny holes and also sanded to help the healing process. The greens will be bumpy, inconsistent, and overall in less than good condition. The healing process takes approximately 5-8 days before we like to have our guests play. Most golf courses in AZ aerify greens twice a year. Normally, the first time in late April or early May and the second time during the overseeding period when the course will be closed any way.